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PMC Radio is a rock-solid and reliable music service for the retail and hospitality business. PMC Radio combines the most exquisite elements of music and technology to keep music alive and make sure that the options are endless. You can freely choose between a full customised music service or our wide mix of hand picked music programs.

We Make You Sound Even Better !

From Minor to Major!

From day one the main goal for PMC has been to build a company around strong sustainable business relationships. To close a deal does not mean that we stop caring, which is one the main reasons why we in just a few years have grown from servicing one(!) location to now supplying more than 4,000 with music and video content.

Hard Work Pays Off!

The Essence of Brand Awareness

You can read the Business School Encyclopaedia, or you can simply acknowledge that brand recognition is related to personal experiences. We strive to create unique in store experiences by utilising the power of music with our music programs tailormade for any physical environment - controlled by yourself or fully managed by PMC.

A Memorable Experience!

We are very happy with the tailor made solution PMC has managed to deliver for our active product displays throughout the world, making us able to showcase our products without compromising sound quality and artist recognition.

Morten T. Walther, Programme Marketing Coordinator, B&O PLAY

Professional, quick response, good solutions, up to date music, and not less important competitive prices. What more could you want from a supplier?

Omer Reuven, Instore & Facility Coordinator, Sportmaster

Roy Free Or Fully Licensed

Unlimited options - no matter what you choose

Always tailor made music

Our professional music architects have handpicked all music in our channels, to ensure that the quality of the music meets our client’s demand

Whether you choose chart based music or the best music from our leading independent direct licensed artists, the quality is sublime. It’s your choice.


We’ve Made It Easy

With our unique apps, you will be provided with a stylish user interface, so simple even the intern can handle it.

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  • carlos

    Fed up with too much sound pollution, poor choice of music and screaming silence, we needed to react

    rune krogsgaard, ceo & founder
  • 2b

    Our mission is simple. We want to create a shopping environment, where even we want to come

  • PMC Radio

    PMC is a lot more than just about the bass. True; we startet out as music engineers and composers, but quickly discovered the need to cater our clients with not only music, but a full scale in store entertainment platform.

    Over the past few years PMC has grown to become a full service agency offering creative as well as licensing solutions on a global market spanning from tailored music over inhouse produced 4K UHD productions to documented and certified signature scent development.

  • Signature Sound

    Branding companies by the use of sound utilising unique sound logos and sound identities to create that extra brand awareness and holistic full body experience necessary for a modern company today, has always been one of the core competences for PMC - In fact, that’s how it all started!

    We create sounds and music so it reflects the brand and identity of the company both accurately and swift. At the same time we make sure to advise in the use of music throughout your marketing strategies from the basic sound logo, to customised jingles and corporate music.

  • Digital Signage

    No need to even try showing stunning visual content, if the playback operation fails, right?! PMC’s signage platform is inhouse developed, so we know every little winding road inside out. Thus it can be tailored to have custom features fitting custom needs.

    The whole signage platform comes with a truly intuitive UI, making it easy to handle any scheduling of images and videos, and gives full access to every screen wherever, whenever. Needless to say, that if you want PMC to handle your visual tasks, we offer to do that for you!

  • Scent Marketing

    A fragrance is actually a lot like a musical piece. You talk about a composition and characteristics. The elements and the combination of such in a fragrance is a science. Our team of highly skilled and experienced perfumers know just how to compose an emerging and long lasting signature scent.

    The fragrance comes with an easy plug n’ play oil based system, that can be managed and monitored online. And not least important, all scents come with material safety data sheets and are all certified with IFRA, RIFM and Responsible Care.:

  • Online/Mobile Integration

    We at PMC know the need for convenience in a dynamic world, where you are always on the run. Your mobile device becomes your faithful companion and you expect to do all your work in one click. We believe in simplicity and easy accessibility.

    All of your PMC services can be accessed and controlled from any device! Sit at home, in your office or on a tropical island and control all of your locations from your personal device! Or as always; have PMC doing it for you! No need to make it any more difficult than it actually is.

  • Visual Content

    You know we got the backbone covered, but we can also provide you with the actual content, you need to show on those screens. No task is too small or too big for us, wether you need field recordings from Iceland, drones from the African Savannah shot in native 4K resolution, or just need a fancy transition effect between you images.

    We both license and produce content inhouse. Both moving images and graphical design. Our visual content specifications always meet your demands, and we support anything up to the highest resolutions, bitrates, HDR data and odd aspect ratios in any format you wish. Contact us for any inquiries.

  • A/V Installations

    Crystal clear sound and image! We put a great deal of effort in to the performance of our high-end content. At PMC we truly believe that the choice of hardware makes a difference for your customers’ in store experience.

    We are resellers of some of the topmost professional hardware manufactures. From high-end products to budget solutions, we always make sure to find the right solution, for all of which we always vouch for the quality. Of course we cover all the installations, services and guarantees in all areas.

  • Commercials

    Think about hearing the voice of your own brand in your own store! Choose for yourself when, what and how much airplay you want for your campaigns. Announce anything from sales campaigns to customer loyalty programs, or motivational speech for your employees.

    PMC offers a complete commercial platform with the opportunity to build campaigns in any possible way. Let PMC do all of the hard work, and sit back and enjoy your own professional commercial radio station. No need to worry about hearing any advertisements from your competitors.

PMC Academy

Move thinking forward
  • For those of you,who like to read some more about the field of business music, and in store entertainment in general, or just like a more intellectual approach to our work, we have tried our best to author a number of articles.

  • It is not in our interest to lecture any - just hopefully enlighten some. We give a great deal of interest in our work, and we honor this obsession of ours by sharing just a few thoughts with you.


in store music

06 March 2017
Because You Are Worth It

Everyone knows that music in your store is a must-have.

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Roy Free Music

06 March 2017
Misleading Term

When you think about it, why call it Roy Free Music?

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06 March 2017
A new buzz word for holism?

It is trendy to talk about Omnichannel these days.

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Deliberate utilisation of music - an old schlager

To simplify a general understanding of the usage of music in a physical environment, most people are in short talking about music in store. However, this term is often not as adequate as the right technical terms, and there are quite a few of those.

The actual definition of in-store music dates back to 1934, where the concept of Muzak was officially introduced for the first time, although earlier experimented with music in the elevators of the new skyscrapers - including the Empire State Building, built in 1931. Elevator Music had the same purpose as the later explained Muzak, to create a carefully designed musical universe in the public space.

Music leads us

Muzak is often instrumental music, adapted to the individual environments, so tempo, harmonics, melodics, orchestration and instrumentation fit the environments. The Muzak operates in commonly known environments like shops, malls, restaurants, offices, hotel lobbies, receptions, waiting rooms and other areas such as elevators, hallways and restrooms. Actually experiments with Muzak in the very old telephone systems originally took place, so the term “music-on-hold” (MOH) dates back a very long time.

As mentioned, today there are several terms, all of which refer til Muzak. In addition to the above mentioned terms, Muzak is also referred to as Piped Music, Weather Music and Ambient Music, but today we most commonly use the definition Background Music to cover the many meanings.

You take advantage of the different musical tools to influence the customer’s behaviour in the physical space. Examples of this are restaurants' use of slow and relaxing music, to make the guests stay longer, eat slower and thereby eat and drink more. Or strategic use of classical music in wine departments, to increase the sale of expensive quality wines. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that relaxing music in the elevator in the shopping center has a calming effect and causes the customer to slow down and visit more stores.

Music in every form and in every environment stimulates our feelings. The absence of music today in the public and physical space is almost considered an aural vacuum.

Royalty Free Music

Why do we call it royalty free?

The term royalty free is actually misleading and is a result of a profound misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding is, that the music by no means is royalty free. The copyright is simply not managed by Koda, but is based on direct licensing between artist and manager.

Every individual artist owning the copyright of his work - in this case a song - has the right to choose who to manage the rights at any time. Hypothetically the artist can manage his own rights. However, it’s safer to utilise official rights management societies. This ensures that an artist is honored when the work is used for public playout.

This means that the music library of PMC does not only consist of popular music, but also direct licensed music, not managed by Koda. PMC still pays for the right to use the music, but given the fact that we pay directly to the management organisation, we save resources, hence we can integrate the music license into the subscription.

Is the directly licensed music unknown?

Direct licensed music can easily contain music from well-known artists. Thus artists such as Sia, Shawn Mendes and Justin Timberlake may appear in the library as aliases.

It is though common to all music that appears in the royaltyfree catalog that it will never be heard on the radio. It is not possible to allow more than one organisation to manage copyrights unless you make a creative commons where you completely or partially waive your rights to a work. At PMC we ensure that there are certified agreements to the management of the music, so it is guaranteed that all music is completely legal.

We at PMC guarantee that the standard of the music is at top level, since we ourselves have hand-picked the music, ensuring that the music meets the demands expected.


A new buzz word for holistic marketing?

The prerequisites for communicating, before the technological evolution seriously got its hand on us and in numerous ways extended our electronic devices in relation to marketing mechanisms, were of a completely different nature.

Without becoming too philosophical, I will in the following article dare to bring in the idea of holism. The holistic idea of isolated phenomena being considered as a unity that by virtue of its synergies gain in strength can as such be transferred to marketing where we find a tendency of enjoying using the term Omnichannel. The terminology has yet to be scientifically defined, which without getting fresh out of business school graduates on ones back, opens up for personal interpretations.

Due to the technological evolution the amount of marketing channels and the opportunity of constantly exploiting those increases. Customer focus is far from a new concept in marketing, after all it’s the customer that turns products to sales. However, the possibility of using that fact is in constant evolution because ways of reaching the customer is improving in all new ways. Where it previously has been a common practice to aim wide to get to the customer, in the sense that departments in large organisations worked more or less independent from each other in the pursuit of reaching the customer via individual channels - multi channel - it is now the goal to put the customer in center of a coherent overall experience; a sort of a holistic philosophy, if you prefer. In that way the gaps will be filled in the many communication channels, and as a customer you will be trapped in a holistic universe where all channels are merged, and you become emotionally involved. You have become a loyal customer.

To own the customer, you must first of all know the customer. It is necessary to collect data about the customer that can be shared and used across all channels. That is often done by having loyalty programs, getting the customer to follow you on social medias and even by tracking the customers online behaviour. In all cases the customer gives out personal information, that gives acces to unique data. The valuable data is collected, analysed and used to get familiar with the customer online behaviour in the different channels. That could be in form of the last buy in-store or online, the last read newsletter, latest move on the social medias, and even how much time is spend, both online and instore, and at which products or isles.

This may for some sound as bunch of manipulative surveillance propaganda, and they are right, however, one must remember that the customer in most cases will have an harmonic overall experience in interaction with the store, so in that sense its a benefit for both parties. All of of this is definitely an interesting area for Pro Music Consult to integrate into our work of in-store media, including Digital Signage, PMC Radio (background music), Scent Marketing and all of our entire online platform.

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